Severe Tropical Cyclone Eseta (RSMC Nadi designation: 12F, JTWC designation: P) was a powerful cyclone that affected areas of Fiji and Tonga. The system was the seventh cyclone and the fifth severe tropical cyclone of the 2002-03 South Pacific cyclone season. Cyclone Eseta developed from an area of disturbed weather on 10 March just near Vanuatu. Initially moving to the south, Eseta slowly intensified as it curved to the southeast.

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While Eseta moved well offshore of any islands in the Pacific, some damage was still caused as a result of Eseta's rains and wind. Western regions of Fiji reported heavy rain and flooding while the cyclone passed to the south. As a weakening cyclone, Eseta passed over the Tongan island of Eua, destroying fruit trees and kava crops. No deaths were reported as a consequence of Eseta.

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